Thursday, February 24, 2011

Elk CIty Farm

SoI know it has been quite a long time since I have written but I am just going to pick up like I never left quit. In November of 2010 we moved to a farm place outside of a teeny town, (basically it is a street with some houses and the Ponderosa Bar on it). We LOVE it out here!!! Below is a picture of our cozy 3 bedroom farm house. I love the porch in front that over looks a bean field and the Elk Horn River. This Farm is such a precious blessing to us!

In Janauary, my sweet husband bought me 3 baby dairy calves. Just for me to have some chores to do and I love it. Ralph, Percy, and Piget (short for Pidgeon cause he is pigeon toed) live in the chicken coup( in the picture below) right to he east of our house.

Last week, Ty finally decided to get some of his own cows, he prefers big beef cows. While we were waiting for the bred beef cows to be sold some weak, lonely dairy calves saunter into the ring...the sold for $5 a piece! So Sad! So below are my new calf projects...honestly we are just happy they are still alive. These calves are yet to be named as I do not want to get too connect yet. They bunk up together in the barn to the north of our house. Naomi doesn't say "cow" yet but she has a pretty good "moo" down.

Ty bought 17 bred beef cows. He loves them and says they love him. IT is so good for him to have something that he really enjoys that doesn't suck the life out of him at the same time. Our cows are expected to start calving the end of March. When they have all calved we will sell them as pairs.

It warms my heart to know that Naomi is now on a farm. A lifestyle not just a location that both Ty and I desire for our family. Praise be to God from whom ALL blessings flow!

(Naomi in the back pasture/ 18 mnths)

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