Saturday, March 27, 2010

My Firefighter

Tonight my hubby and I went to the annual Waterloo Firefighters Banquet at Farmer Brown's (which has amazing prime rib!). Ty has been a volunteer going on 3 years already. I am so proud of him. Last year I nagged on him a lot when he went to calls. I don't know why just selfish and needy I guess... I was prego...but still inexcusable. Now I wish he went on more calls. I see what a good thing it is for him. The way it connects us to our community and how wholesome it is for my man to be part of something with other men. Plus,it is amazing how almost any man looks good in a pair of fireman pants and a helmet. I am proud of you, Ty, and am so thankful that you rescued me.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the Beginning

So it has begun. Planting. Watering. Weather watching. Fertilizing. The first tomatoes, green peppers, and watermelons have been planted. We start all of our produce in tray with cells in a greenhouse. We normally only need to heat it at night and a few days here and there. But the sun has been hiding for almost a month. This equals a very high propane bill and a cranky wife. I need the sun. If it is 85 degrees out with no sun, I'm cold.
Right now we have around 50 thousand plants growing in the starter greenhouse. It is a starter greenhouse because it is where we start the plants out. In May, we transplant a quarter of them to our Haygrove and the rest to our field along the Elkhorn River.
So far all of our little plants are healthy and growing strong and steady. I keep the radio station tuned to classical music for my seedlings. I don't really know if it even helps, but it can't hurt, right?

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My Delight

Today in my bible study we had a guest speaker and she asked what is a killer delight to us. What kills you with delight? Immediately my daughter, Naomi, popped in my head. Yesterday she was so silly and just a ball of joy. Sometimes I just well up with tear just watching her. She has brought me more joy and love than I ever knew I was capable of feeling. To think that Christ delights in me, in dirty, selfish, unfaithful me, there are no words to fathom that.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


I just got done painting our entryway for the fourth time! Yes, the fourth time. One would think to consult someone by the third time. I finally like. Truely like. Almost love it! I should by the fourth time around. It is nothing grand or super creative. It just blends and the color is not overwhelming. This room started out a pinkish red, then a country blue gone way wrong, and then turned into a old pumpkin orange. Now it is a subtle tan that nicely blends the two colors on either side. I actually prayed over the paint this time. That is how desperate I was for this room to finally turn out. And He answered! Praise!

Friday, March 12, 2010

School Buses

A week ago or so we bought 2 school buses. We will use them to haul watermelons from the field back to the sheds. We gutted the buses in order to make room for the melons. It was quite comical following Ty home from where we bought the buses. He would stop at every railroad crossing and open the door. Let' s just say there are quite a few crossings on highway 75. I am so thankful to have a man that makes me laugh. Here are some pictures of our new buses!

Naomi getting ready for the summer

My hubby and our girl in the few seats left

the autobuse