Wednesday, March 24, 2010

the Beginning

So it has begun. Planting. Watering. Weather watching. Fertilizing. The first tomatoes, green peppers, and watermelons have been planted. We start all of our produce in tray with cells in a greenhouse. We normally only need to heat it at night and a few days here and there. But the sun has been hiding for almost a month. This equals a very high propane bill and a cranky wife. I need the sun. If it is 85 degrees out with no sun, I'm cold.
Right now we have around 50 thousand plants growing in the starter greenhouse. It is a starter greenhouse because it is where we start the plants out. In May, we transplant a quarter of them to our Haygrove and the rest to our field along the Elkhorn River.
So far all of our little plants are healthy and growing strong and steady. I keep the radio station tuned to classical music for my seedlings. I don't really know if it even helps, but it can't hurt, right?

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  1. 50,000 plants?! Wowzers! Gorgeous pics of the greenhouse!